Frequently asked questions about P. P. Tai Maharaj

1. Who is H. H. Tai Maharaj?

She is a saint with immense spiritual powers.

2. Who called her “Tai Maharaj”?

Faithful devotees from society call her lovingly as “Tai Maharaj”.

3. How was she able to worship in spite of being a house wife?

While doing all house chores she did “Namsmaran” (chanting Lord’s name)

4. What is her educational qualification?

Conventional education is not required to a person like Tai Maharaj who had effectively educated people regarding the principles of happy and successful life.

5. Who taught her spiritual principles?

Her Guru P.P. Shri Dhundiraj Maharaj and father P. P. Shri Kajalkar Maharaj.

6. What is the aim of Shri Dattashram?

The primary aim is to provide a tension free place that will foster calmness of mind. To generate and grow holy tendency among the society, grow good qualities among people and well being in general of society is always the teaching of our saints. And this aim is the main purpose of establishing Dattashram.

7. What you gain by coming here?

Pleasure, mental calmness and satisfaction.

8. Is Shri Dattashram open to all castes and religions?


9. If so, can anybody stay here?

This place is primarily for worship and prayer. You can stay here for this purpose.

10. What are Tai Maharaj’s children doing? They are all married and are doing jobs.

11. What is their family background?

P. P. Tai Maharaj is from Village Kajal in Ambad Taluka in Marathavada. Her father P. P. Shri Kajalkar Maharaj was a saint.

12. Will our family problems be solved by coming here?

That will depend on your faith in Dattashram and in P. P. Tai Maharaj.

13. Will Tai Maharaj visit our residence?

No. She never leaves Dattashram.

14. Will Tai Maharaj give “Gurumantra”?

You can get it by worshiping “Paduka”.

15. Why Dattashram is not publicized?

It is not necessary. Without publicity, people from all parts of the country and abroad are visiting Dattashram.

16. Can women offer water on “Padukas”?


17. Whose “Padukas” are these?

Lord Shree Datta Prabhu.

18. Can I help Dattashram?

Yes. You can, according to your capacity.

19. Why “Yag” and “Yadnya” are performed? What is the importance?

To maintain ecological balance and well being of world.

20. Can a person who can not maintain the purity(Sovale)come to Dattashram?

For certain occasions, it is necessary to follow “Sovale”.

21. Who can sprinkle water (Abhishek) on “Paduka?

Anybody from any caste.

22. What is significance of sprinkling water?

It is one of the rites performed during worship(Pooja).

23. Can any new person visit Dattashram?

Yes. He can. An address can be given to him for visiting Dattashram.

24. What is source of income for running the Ashram?

Donations from public.

25. Can any body bear the expense for food any day?

Yes. By seeking permission of P. P. Tai Maharaj.

26. What are the Expections from devotees visiting Shri Dattashram?

Shri Dattashram is a religious hermitage. All the facilities are provided to devotees to get calmness of the mind. When you are staying, you are supposed to keep silence, not to have long conversations with other devotes and spend time in worshiping and participating in daily chores.

Pl. inform office as to when you will be arriving and how many people are accompanying you.

Please make proper entries about you and others accompanying you in the register.

Participate in day-to-day programs.

Strictly observe the timing of tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Recent Events

    1) Shree Ram Navami 25 March 2018 Sunday PP Tai Maharaj 79th Birthday

    || Shri Gurudev Datta ||
    We celebrated 79 th birthday of PP Tai maharaj on Shri Ram Navami, 25th April 2018.
    We take pleasure in informing you that on this occasion, a common oath is taken to chant the mantra ‘ Shri Ram Jairam Jai Jai Ram’ 13 crore times. Chanting can be done by sitting in pooja room at your house or by sitting in front of the idols at any temple at Dattashram. The jap can be counted by bids or by counter. All are requested to register the number of chanting once a month at Dattashram office.
    All are requested to refrain from doing this jap while talking or walking. That will not be counted.

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  • Events 2018

    09 Jan 2018 - Tuesday - Paush V 8
    Yogiraj PP Shri Gulawani Maharaj & Saw. Laxmibai Kavishwar Punyasmaran

    01 Feb 2018 - Thursday - Magh V 1
    Shri Guru Patiprada

    06 Feb  2018 - Tuesday - Magh V 6
    PP Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar Jayanti

    28 Feb  2018 - Wednesday - Falgun Shukra 14  PP Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar Punyasmaran

    19 March 2018 - Monday  Chaitra Shu. 2 PP Shri Kajalkar Maharaj Punyasmaran

    21 March 2018 - Wednesday - Chaitra Shu. 4   PP Shri Dhundiraj Maharaj Punyasmaran

    25 March 2018 - Sunday - Chaitra Shu 9
    Shriram Navami V PP Saw. Tai Maharaj Vardhapan Din

     20 April 2018 - Friday - Vaishakh Shu.5  Shrimad Aadya Shankaracharya Jayanti

     13 July 2018 - Friday - AAshadh Shu -1
    PP Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj Punyatithi

     27 July 2018 - Friday - Aashadh Pornima Shri Guru Pornima

     31 August 2018 - Friday - Aashadh Shu. 1 PP Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj Jayanti

    2 Sept. 2018 - Sunday - Shrawan V. 8
    Shri Krushna Jayanti (Gokulashtami)

    13 Sept.2018 -Thursday- Bhadrapad Shu 5
    PP Shripad Wallabh Jayanti

    06 October 2018 -Saturday - Bhadrapad V. 12 PP Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar Mahalay

    04 November 2018 -Sunday - Ashwin V 12 Guru Dwadash

     23 November 2018 - Friday - Kartik Pornima Tripura Pornima

    21 December 2018 - Friday- Margshish Pornima Shri Datta Jayanti

    03-Jan-2019 Thursday Margashish V.13 Yogiraj PP Shri Gulawani Maharaj Jayanti

    08-Jan-2019 Tuesday Paush Shu.2
    PP Shri Narsinhasaraswati Swami Maharaj Jayanti

    25-Feb-2019 To 27-Feb-2018 Sunday To Tuesday
    Shat Chandi Yaag