Day-to- day Routine

Main Sermons :

All saints in modern times have advocated the praising of god (Nam Smaran) as a simple way to attain spirituality. Not only does the person doing “Nam Smaran” become pure but the atmosphere is also charged up with calmness and purity. People visiting Shri Dattashram can experience this. Each person coming to Dattashram is asked to do Naam Smaran.

The regular day at Dattashram starts at 5 am with “Kakad Aarti”. First the men offer morning prayers i.e. “kakada aarati” and then women offer it around 6 am. There is a “Prabhat Feri” during festival times. People have a round around the whole Dattashram. Later, people sit in the different temples and perform “Jap” as much as they can. Tai Maharaj expects that every visitor should spend maximum time in “jap”. Evening prayers are offered at 6.45 p.m.

The Thursday evening aarti continues up to 11 pm. The musical chanting of “Digambara Digambara Shripad Vallabha Digambara” starts at 10 pm on Saturday and continues till next day morning 5 am, the Kakad Aarti time. In some annual festivals, continuous week-long “Naam-Saptah” is carried out. “Naam Jap” is always the main aim of Dattashram.

A public chanting (“Jap”) of “Digambara Digambara Shripad Vallabh Digambara” or “Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” is performed at a specific time of the day. This “mantra” is repeated on occasion of special festivals also.

On Shri Ram Navami, continuous chanting of “Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” is performed. P. P. Tai Maharaj resolved to chant this mantra 13 crores time in 2010 and asked all devotees to partake in this divine procedure. Ever since, devotees also take to chanting this mantra whenever possible.

  • Recent Events

    1) Shree Ram Navami 25 March 2018 Sunday PP Tai Maharaj 79th Birthday

    || Shri Gurudev Datta ||
    We celebrated 79 th birthday of PP Tai maharaj on Shri Ram Navami, 25th April 2018.
    We take pleasure in informing you that on this occasion, a common oath is taken to chant the mantra ‘ Shri Ram Jairam Jai Jai Ram’ 13 crore times. Chanting can be done by sitting in pooja room at your house or by sitting in front of the idols at any temple at Dattashram. The jap can be counted by bids or by counter. All are requested to register the number of chanting once a month at Dattashram office.
    All are requested to refrain from doing this jap while talking or walking. That will not be counted.

  • Monthly Dhun 2018

     07 January 2018

     04 February 2018

    25 March 2018

    22 April 2018

    20 May 2018

    17 June 2018

    29 July 2018

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  • Events 2018

    09 Jan 2018 - Tuesday - Paush V 8
    Yogiraj PP Shri Gulawani Maharaj & Saw. Laxmibai Kavishwar Punyasmaran

    01 Feb 2018 - Thursday - Magh V 1
    Shri Guru Patiprada

    06 Feb  2018 - Tuesday - Magh V 6
    PP Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar Jayanti

    28 Feb  2018 - Wednesday - Falgun Shukra 14  PP Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar Punyasmaran

    19 March 2018 - Monday  Chaitra Shu. 2 PP Shri Kajalkar Maharaj Punyasmaran

    21 March 2018 - Wednesday - Chaitra Shu. 4   PP Shri Dhundiraj Maharaj Punyasmaran

    25 March 2018 - Sunday - Chaitra Shu 9
    Shriram Navami V PP Saw. Tai Maharaj Vardhapan Din

     20 April 2018 - Friday - Vaishakh Shu.5  Shrimad Aadya Shankaracharya Jayanti

     13 July 2018 - Friday - AAshadh Shu -1
    PP Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj Punyatithi

     27 July 2018 - Friday - Aashadh Pornima Shri Guru Pornima

     31 August 2018 - Friday - Aashadh Shu. 1 PP Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj Jayanti

    2 Sept. 2018 - Sunday - Shrawan V. 8
    Shri Krushna Jayanti (Gokulashtami)

    13 Sept.2018 -Thursday- Bhadrapad Shu 5
    PP Shripad Wallabh Jayanti

    06 October 2018 -Saturday - Bhadrapad V. 12 PP Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar Mahalay

    04 November 2018 -Sunday - Ashwin V 12 Guru Dwadash

     23 November 2018 - Friday - Kartik Pornima Tripura Pornima

    21 December 2018 - Friday- Margshish Pornima Shri Datta Jayanti

    03-Jan-2019 Thursday Margashish V.13 Yogiraj PP Shri Gulawani Maharaj Jayanti

    08-Jan-2019 Tuesday Paush Shu.2
    PP Shri Narsinhasaraswati Swami Maharaj Jayanti

    25-Feb-2019 To 27-Feb-2018 Sunday To Tuesday
    Shat Chandi Yaag